Good News For TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury ) patient in Australia..
More than 20000 thousand TBI patient (Australia) may get better treatment as new MMP-3 blocker has been discovered.

Monash University’s Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) revealed how inhibiting enzymes can decrease the mortality rate and improve patient recovery time.
Professor Robert Medcalf and Dr Maithili Sashindranath of the ACBD was the pioneer in this study.
They worked with scientist of University of Geneva in Switzerland and the University of Michigan in the United States.

Professor Medcalf told about the mechanism of this enzyme inhibitor and how they work.
They identified two enzymes known as t-PA and MMP-3, which can act simultaneously to increase TBI severity.

Professor Medcalf said.

“The enzyme t-PA, well known for its ability to remove blood clots, also has a healthy and very important role in supporting learning and memory functions in everyday life. However, previous research has shown that in TBI cases, its presence makes the injury much worse,”

Previously scientist thought t-PA was the culprit of TBI but they discovered that MMP-3a activation cause t-PA to became inactivated and that helps the process of TBI.

“The activity of naturally occurring enyzmes is controlled by specific enzyme inhibitors,”

“Unexpectedly, we found that the process of t-PA inactivation by one of its natural inhibitors actually contributed to brain injury, because it leads to the activation of MMP-3.

“Now we know that if we block MMP-3 with an inhibitor, we can protect the brain following TBI,”

Professor Rosenfeld ( co author and also renowned specialist in TBI from Monash University’s Department of Surgery)said

“We now have a new and promising therapeutic target for the treatment of human TBI, which has not, so far, been significantly improved by pharmacological intervention,”

Blow to head after road traffic accident or fall from height may cause this severe TBI and in long term affects patient suffered from cognitive and motor dysfunction, vision impairment , hearing problem , epilepsy, paralysis and other sever neurological problems.
Now this treatment may cure them all.

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