Garlic contains a compound that is 100 times more effective than the two types of antibiotics, fighting the common bacteria Campylobacter, which cause toxicity , reports The Telegraph. Campylobacter can be found on the surface and in the poultry meat. Employees of the State University of Washington found that the diallyl sulfide derived from garlic, is able to penetrate the protective film colonies of bacteria . In a lab environment diallyl sulfide showed himself a hundred times better than erythromycin and ciprofloxacin. So, diallyl sulfide, can be used to clean surfaces and as a preservative.

Other importances of Garlic
If you have cold , it works magically.
In acne , blackheads , it also works fine, ( just use with warm water every morning).
Garlic is also good antioxidant that means it could prevent ageing process..

For obese, use with lemon juice and warm water twice a day..along with exercises it can bring your weighs down..

In earache garlic oil can be used but my suggestion avoid it.