A new study indicates that men who have low-level of testosterone are very much prone to develop diabetes.

Scientist in university of Edinburg recently revealed this study .

Testosterone which present trough out our body , can control also insulin resistance, and this insulin resistance is key for developing type 2 diabetes .
Testosterone acts on androgen receptors, and this receptor enables testosterone to activates the gene that control obesity and diabetes.

In mice whose testosterone in fat cell are impaired, more easily they develop insulin resistance.

Body weight has not significant relationship with this insulin resistance . That’s means , our old thought that obesity makes us more likely to diabetics have been seriously questioned.

“We know that men with low testosterone levels are more likely to become obese, and as a result develop diabetes. This study shows that low testosterone is a risk factor for diabetes no matter how much a person weighs. As men age their testosterone levels lower. This, along with increasing obesity, will increase the incidence of diabetes,” said Dr Kerry McInnes, from the University of Edinburgh’s Endocrinology Unit.

Researcher also found that androgen receptor in fat tissue if absent , it makes the more obese and diabetics,
This project was funded by Diabetes UK.

RBP4 protein, may have very important role for insulin resistance when testosterone impaired.
Edinburgh scientist now beliefs that new treatment could redeveloped by regulating this RBP4 protein ….