Winter season is my most favourite season. I love this season very much. Though it is really hard to get out of blanket, but morning are really very pleasant. With a warm cup of coffee it becomes more enjoyable.

But sometimes we get common cold due to not using proper warm clothes and it is really annoying to sneeze all day long with a snuffles… So prevention is best medicine .

Here is simple few tips you should follow to avoid common cold

  • 1. Always use muffler while travel in bus, train
  • 2.Bath early within 1pm . Best to use mild warm water or if your tank water becomes mild water then you should bath with that
  • 3.don’t try to take very cold ice cream or cold drinks.
  • need to run ac or fan in night.
  • 5.take plenty of vegetables specially green vegetables.
  • 6.Use socks or sandals for walking over your house floor.
  • 7. Use hand gloves.
  • 8. Don’t stay outside home after 10 pm.
  • 9. May take an antibiotics coverage if you have get cold.
  • Those are very simple tips.
    Just try to follow those..
    Enjoy winter have a good night.

    Photos Of winter and common cold