Hi friends , Happy diwali to all.
Today is Diwali and like all Indian my mind is also full of spirit and divine thought. I love the Kali goddess attitude and her desperate looks.

Wake up from bed early today at around 7 a.m. and started my morning with a cup of coffee and newspaper like other day. Today paper is clogged with ads and ads of jewellery, electronic goods and other specially DTH service ( because of digitalisation of cable TV).

After spending 30 minutes with paper, I bathed and decide to make a visit early to my hospital PEERLESS AND B K ROY RESEARCH CENTRE. I am a resident doctor in ctvs department. By the way I should inform you that Peerless Hospital is just 5 minutes walking distance from my house.

I dressed with a brand new shirts and pants as diwali today and everybody celebrate this day so I didn’t think twice about wearing this costly shirts ( I don’t know whether 2000rs shirts is costly to others or not but it definitely to me ).

Took a ball point pen ( the culprit ) which is Agni jel ( very popular ball point pen use and through purpose ) and went for Peerless hospital.

Weather was very charming , temp was around 25 degree Celsius.

After 5 minutes I reached in my department .
CTVS ITU rest room recently closed for renovation I just went to another room. One of my department sister , Angel was sitting there and later found that Sukladi , departmental sister in charge and Pradipda was gossiping about recent interesting story….

Pradipda and Sukladi suddenly noticed that my new shirt was painted with ink…

I looked at my shirt and my eyes was about to full with tears..

2 rs ball point pen totally ruined my 2000rs brand New tshirts from Turtle.

Immediately rushed to wash basin and start to washed with water and little liquid hand soap. But the ink was just like a virus and it spread more. Not only my pockets but also other area also proudly annoucing that they had also played holi with agni jel ink ..

Good I just checked the patient and return back to my house with a very sad mood.

Bye bye t shirt of turtle ..

And also bye bye to Agni jel pen , though cheap and very good but sometimes it can cost you too much..

Tomorrow I will buy 10 link or rotomac pen and never going to use that cheap pen.

Good night and again happy diwali to all who have just read my poor experience.


Photos Of Culprit pen and victim Shirt